The Trusted Payment Solution for the 97 Billion Dollar Adult Industry!

NaftyPay gives adult creators and merchants the abilIty to control and make much more money by removing the transaction fees, eliminate chargebacks and fraud and get instant payment

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Until now banks and payment solutions consider porn as a high-risk industry, charging huge fees and offering next to no protection against chargebacks and fraud - no more!

NaftyPay Logo are here with the solution.

The adult industry is powered by a variety of complex billing models, such as recurring payments (for fan clubs and membership sites), Pay-Per-Time (for Cams) and Pay-Per-View. Currently, NaftyPay is the only blockchain-based payment solution that offers a viable alternative to regular payment providers. Our API solutions have enabled us to integrate on many adult website/apps allowing the adult industry to adapt fast, giving them the solution they need and want!

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How NaftyPay benefits Adult Entertainment?

Zero transaction fees

NaftyPay does not charge you any fee for using the Service

Instant payment

You get your income in 3-10 seconds!

No chargebacks

Blockchain transactions are final and immutable. No more chargebacks. Ever.

No middleman

Our tech removes the need for third-party payment processing. This means transactions are peer-to-peer.

No fund hold

We don’t keep any portion of your revenues as rolling reserve. You get 100% of all your earnings

Variety of crypto

Will allow you to accept any cryptocurrency

Among Our Solutions

Single payment

Standard payment for adult shops and one-time payment products/Content


Set up recurring crypto payments. Offer free/paid trial periods, limited billing lifecycles and/or ongoing subscriptions. The ultimate solution for fan and membership sites.


coming soon

Set a price per unit of time. Monitor how long a customer uses your service and charge accordingly. The only solution for Dating and Cam sites.


coming soon

Set a price per mile (1k views). Monitor how much you need to much need to pay or to receive for Tube sites.

No volatility risks

You’ll be able to reduce crypto volatility risk to practically zero.

Complete API

Use our complete RESTful API to create & manage all billing models, as well as monitor transaction data and more!

Dynamic Pricing

Create a billing model without predetermining the price or currency! This gives you flexibility to set prices on a case-by-case basis.

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